Tim Taylor (Egyptian Empire, The Pump Panel)

Head of Missile Records,Tim Taylor has been producing for 20 years. His various recording aliases include The Pump Panel – Planet of Drums + DJ OneFinger. Tim has excelled with his Breakbeat – Techno and Acid House releases with highlights being the legendary *Horn Track* – *Bang The Acid* – *Ego Acid* and *Housefucker*. Aside from his work on Missile,  Tim has released singles on XL Recordings – FFRR/London Records and Polydor/Universal. Tim’s most well known work was his involvement in the radical acid overhaul of New Order’s *Confusion* accredited to The Pump Panel which became a global sensation when it blazed across the screens in the notorious *Vampire Bloodbath* opening sequence of the smash *Blade* movie. Tim has recently signed his Dome Patrol project to Bush Records for multi-release activity and is also re-designing his record label to return as Missile 2.0 with the promise of some brand new Pump Panel recordings in the pipeline.