Truelove Music has an international reach far more extensive than many large publishers and boast a worldwide repertoire with composers from as far afield as Brazil and Japan. Combined with direct royalty collection arrangements in more than 17 territories, and strong independent partners in the remaining active global territories and yet still small and agile enough to provide a personal service for our writers and administered catalogues, Truelove Music is the very definition of a boutique publisher.

With electronic music being the first to embrace digital downloads, we grasped the need to be on top of digital royalty collection early on.  Truelove Music is a founding member of IMPEL, which made us one of the first independent publishers able to collect digital download royalties for our writers; royalties that would otherwise be lost or held back by online stores and streaming services, on a fully pan-european basis.

We know our catalogue and, being specialists in our genre, know where best to place their music and where to find our composers’ royalties.

This also allows us to offer an individual & tailored service for licensees & music users. We are able to react to requests for music spontaneously, and have a sufficiently large catalogue (in excess of 75,000 compositions) to offer genuine choice.