After his first hand experience of the service provided to composers by the major music publishers in the early 90’s, John Truelove CEO of Truelove Music was convinced he could do a better job at managing his own publishing. This conviction and his immediate success at tracking and collecting royalties drew other producers and songwriters to him.

So, starting with Dave Clarke’s Magnetic North releases, Truelove Music began with individual songs from the material released through more than 50 labels from the Truelove Label Collective and during the 1990s the resulting material was released on thousands of compilations worldwide.

Using his passion for technology John Truelove developed new systems to track and monitor royalty collection on behalf of his writers’ repertoire. By 2004 through acquisition of more material and development of his own roster, he had built up the Truelove Music catalogue to over 2000 songs.

An active policy of both taking on the administration of other publishing catalogues and signing songwriters’ entire repertoire led to swift expansion, so that by the end of 2006 the Truelove Music catalogue had nearly doubled again.

Aware of the prospect of dwindling physical record sales afflicting the whole industry and the advancement of mp3 and download technology, from which the dance market was the first to suffer, Truelove Music turned their focus to developing media for film, television and other special projects.

With a roster of successful musicians and composers already signed Truelove  became a kind of executive producer, directing artists to change their emphasis from the standard 6 minute dance track to the 30 second commercial – the inclusion of ‘You Got The Love’ as the final song in the final episode of HBO’s Sex & The City series, as well as a slew of independent movie and computer game placements heralded this change.

Film cues in a variety of Brit flicks such as Layer Cake and Football Factory, syncs in a variety of top selling workout videos & computer games, and cuts in a variety of pop and dance hits (Rihanna’s “Only Girl In The World” and Kanye West’s “Fade) formed the basis for the company’s success. At the Truelove Music’s offices, UK gold and silver, and Australian gold records vie for wall space with the countless albums, compilations and 12” records with which Truelove Music has been involved. The noughties also saw many UK top tens including The Source – ‘You Got The Love’ and Micky Modelle’s ‘Dancing In The Dark’. Music was composed for several BBC documentaries as well as National Geographic TV and worldwide TV commercials including Shiseido, H&M. McDonalds, Milka, Lucozade, and PC World. Existing tracks were licensed to workout videos TurboJamSony Playstation, and music was featured on countless TV shows on both national and international network TV, including the World Cup, And Just Like That, Made In Chelsea, Love Island plus numerous major and independent label compilations.

New developments in advertising, an ever-expanding library of music, multiple additions to an already expansive artist roster and further exploitation in the existing fields of the company’s catalogue remain the focus in todays work of Truelove Music. Most importantly, the efficient collection and prompt distribution of mechanical and performance royalties to their writers and composers continue to be constantly refined and improved, significantly exceeding industry standards.