Frederic Holyszewski

Dado aka FREDERIC HOLYSZEWSKI repeatedly woos crowds and longtime fans to the beat of his new productions. Ranging from solo projects as Deedrah, as he is known in the circuit since 15 years now, or the most recent band formed little over 2 years ago, the KromeAngels, (Album out soon), he stands to face anywhere between 5 to 30 thousand eager fans on gig!!

Once in the scene in the mid 90 s as a self-made rock band, Vision Quest, which later dissolved, Dado met CHRISTOF DROUILLET with whom he would form the legendary group Transwave. Only 3 months later they released the first album under a small French label Transpact. This was only the beginning, and in only 2 years they reached mind blowing success releasing 3 albums in total. The duo gained first hand experience selling and producing the entire CDs themselves from creating the sleeves, recording the albums, and even directing the first video for the international trance hit “Land of Freedom”. Be prepared for the 4th album by Transwave, though still under construction already receives great feedback from fans all over the globe. The band, more active than ever, performs relentlessly in front of music thirsty dance floors!!