Ponzu Island

Ponzu Island is the pet project of Melbourne based composer-producer Bard Elishevsky, AKA Mr. Ponzu.

Comments on Ponzu:
“What would happen If Gershwin and the Yellow Magic Orchestra had a baby? Ponzu Island…”
“Elishevsky (Mr. Ponzu) has cultivated a sound which ranges from Melodic Electronica, to Electronic Disco, to Jazz infused electronic lounge… A fruity voyage, to be sure”

“Ponzu hits notes of 90’s video game music, but miraculously manages to avoid sounding kitsch. Instead of indulging in the overblown nostalgia 8-bit nerddom, Ponzu Island’s music is anchored by simple yet poignant Jazz progressions, 7th, 9th and diminished chords define the Ponzu sound.”

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