Lisa Lashes

Lisa Lashes, a pioneering DJ, accomplished music producer, and visionary entrepreneur, has left an indelible mark on the electronic music industry. As the only female artist to break into the Top 10 of the DJ Magazine Top 100 artists, Lisa has become a dominant force in the UK hard house music underground scene. With a career spanning nearly three decades, she has toured extensively, captivating millions of dance music fans across the globe.
Lisa’s journey as a DJ has taken her to remarkable places, from touring with iconic artists like Grace Jones, Goldie, and ATB in South Africa to playing in unconventional venues like caves in Johannesburg, zoos in Ibiza, and dolphin sanctuaries in Durban. She even had the honour of welcoming the new millennium by performing to over 10,000 people in Cape Town at midnight. Lisa’s electrifying presence has graced prestigious events and festivals, including headlining the Electric Daisy Carnival in the USA and Insomniac’s events in LA and Hollywood. Her international tours have taken her to countries like Malaysia, Australia, Canada, and beyond, where she has consistently left her mark on the electronic music scene.

Throughout her career, Lisa has achieved numerous accolades, proving her prowess as an artist and producer. Her collaborations with Intec Digital, Carl Cox’s techno label, and her success in the hard dance genre, including the biggest-selling hard house album of all time, “Euphoria,” on SONY BMG, have solidified her status as a leading figure in the industry. Lisa’s ground-breaking accomplishments extend to being the first female DJ to enter
China, paving the way for other female artists, as well as being the first female artist to sell out major events with all-female headliners. She has received numerous awards and accolades for her contributions to the industry, opening doors for women in a traditionally male-dominated field. Beyond her musical achievements, Lisa is the visionary founder of the Lisa Lashes School of Music. The institution not only provides music education but also offers an Alternative Provision for excluded and home-schooled children. Working closely with local authorities, Lisa ensures that at-risk children have access to education and are reintegrated into mainstream schooling. The school acts as a platform for nurturing the next generation of musical talent, with a 12-week funded program that progresses individuals into the night-time industries, fostering creative and supporting roles. As a prominent advocate for the night-time economy, Lisa serves on the Board of Directors of the UK Night-Time Industries Association, where she collaborates with central government members of Parliament to champion the interests of the
industry. Her dedication extends to her role as a patron for over 20 years, supporting The Pink Ribbon Foundation Charity and raising awareness for breast cancer. With a strong work ethic and a devoted fan base, Lisa Lashes has become one of the most beloved and respected performers in the industry. Her relentless drive, coupled with her visionary approach, has allowed her to navigate the challenging music landscape while pushing the envelope of creativity. Through her work with the Night-Time Industries Association and the Lisa Lashes School of Music, Lisa aims to future-proof talent and build a strong and stable dance entertainment industry. Lisa’s influence extends beyond her music, as she continues to inspire and uplift aspiring artists. Her remarkable achievements, coupled with her genuine passion for the craft, make her an iconic figure in the global DJ and music scene. With millions of followers and subscribers across various platforms, Lisa’s impact is felt by fans worldwide.

Timeline of Lisa Lashes.
• 1994: Lisa Lashes launches her career as a DJ, captivating audiences with her unique style and passion for electronic music.
• 1997: She releases her first music production, showcasing her talent as a producer and gaining recognition within the industry.
• Late 1990s: Lisa Lashes becomes a prominent figure in the hard house genre, pushing boundaries and contributing to its evolution.
• 2000: Lisa becomes a patron for the Pink Ribbon Foundation charity.
• Early 2000s: She releases several successful compilations, skilfully curating and mixing tracks that resonate with electronic music enthusiasts worldwide.
• 2004: Lisa Lashes achieves a significant milestone by releasing “Extreme Euphoria,” the biggest-selling hard house album through Sony BMG, solidifying her status as a leading artist in the genre.
• Mid-2000s: Lisa Lashes continues to produce and release music, consistently pushing her creative boundaries and garnering critical acclaim.
• 2017: Lisa Lashes is appointed to the board of Directors for the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA), where she actively contributes to shaping policies and advocating for the interests of the night-time economy.
• 2018: Lisa Lashes establishes the Lisa Lashes School of Music, a transformative institution that caters to children, young adults, and vulnerable individuals. The school offers music lessons embedded with functional skills, providing a career pathway for those seeking creative careers.
• 2021: Lisa Lashes partners with BCE (Big Creative Education) in London to offer apprenticeships and free courses in event management. This collaboration aims to build a new and diverse workforce for the night-time
economy, providing valuable opportunities for aspiring professionals