Italian live performer and multi-instrumentalist Giorgia Angiuli has launched a new open source audio project in support of research against the spreading of coronavirus by inviting any producers and musicians self-isolating in their studios to collaborate with her.

In a statement Giorgia Angiuli explains: ‘Just because we have to keep distance, and can’t meet each other, doesn’t have to mean that we can’t work together on a new project. I’ll start recording some sounds and share my Ableton project with you. I call you all to add the other elements. It’s an ambitious project and I am positive we’ll make it together!’

The goal is to unite ALL TOGETHER by composing a track to help us carry on through these difficult times while also raising money for the  WHO and UN charity fund to fight SARS 2 – CoV. Anyone can participate and the final parts will be selected by the artist herself.  The project is in partnership with Label Worx who will support the distribution, and also with Beatport who are behind the idea. ‘UNITED’ will be credited to Giorgia Angiuli along with all the producers who make it into the final selection and arrangement. All the participants will also create a videoclip that will take shape as a puzzle and is already expected to go viral.

The money raised by selling the track will be donated to the COVID-19 Fund for the World Health Organization.  The solidarity fund supports WHO and partners in a massive effort to help countries prevent, detect and manage the novel coronavirus – particularly those where the needs are the greatest.

Head to her Facebook page here for full details.