Damon Wild

One of the few techno heads in house-crazed New York City, Damon Wild first saw the light of vinyl by recording early-’90s rave hits like “Night Stalker” as Sonic Assault II, “Stormwatch” as Morph and “Rave Generator” (with Ray Love) as the Toxic Two. In 1991, he began working for distributor Northcott and set up his own Experimental label, releasing tracks from Acid Masters (with collaborator Ray Love) and Lazer Worshippers ( with Tim Taylor), Aurabora and the Rising Sons. After splitting with Northcott, Wild founded Synewave Records and began to release his own productions plus records by Steve Stoll and Dan Curtin. Wild’s own Synewave output was collected on 1999’s Somewhere in Time. He also mixed a more balanced label retrospective named Synewave DJ Mix, Vol. 1. His Morph project also released a full-length, 1994’s Stormwatch.