BOHEM is a distinguished emerging artist in world electronic music. He is perceptive and sensitive behind the booth as a disc jockey, and introspective and visionary when it comes to generating his own productions.

After living in countries like Spain, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Holland, Andorra and Asia, he has acquired different cultures finding his own sound in genres such as Downtempo, House, Afro, Organic house and Progressive, with a very powerful and elegant groove.

One of his favourite characteristics is the art of the warm-up. He has had the opportunity to set the scene for artists like Paax (Tulum), Kora, Sparrow & Barbossa, Ocenvs Orientalis, Savage & She, Seth Schwarz, Veronica Fleyta, Goyanu, Nitos Tulum, Lum, Jo-Ke, Alejandro Mosso, Tooker, Sasha, Unders, Guy Laliberte, Anstascia, Cassy, Emotional Tourist, Igor Marijuan & Safar.